The Mini-Residency Program – Designed to Ensure Your Success

I have been working to educate dentist and grow their practices for over 35 years.  With my guidance, I have made significant positive changes in so many practices.  If you have graduated Rondeau Seminars and are looking to for a way to ramp up even faster, the Mini Residency is for you!  Quickly see real patients with the guidance of our amazing instructors, in host offices across the country.    Bring your staff to the program events and invigorate and solidify your team.

In the Mini-Residency, you see real patients, get comfortable with the diagnosis, build confidence in the treatment, and become much more motivated to start cases.  The 12 sessions are designed to help you achieve your objective of feeling confident to integrate orthodontics and functional appliances into your general practice.  In conjunction, you will be encouraged to take records and start some easy cases in your own practice during the hands-on Mini Residency.

Our world-class instructors, host offices, and staff will be there to help you integrate orthodontics and functional appliance (orthopedics) into your practice.  Doctors interested in this course MUST make the commitment to attend all 12 sessions to treat the patients they have started. If the doctor is unable to attend, we will need to arrange alternate dates for the doctor and the patients they are treating.

If you want to take advanced of this opportunity, contact Lee at Rondeau Seminars at 1-877-372-7625 or [email protected] to register.  If interested, do not delay as we are only taking 5 dentists and 5 staff per location.




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