How to Seamlessly Add Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice

Have you ever wondered how dentists successfully build their practices and services successfully?  You are not alone.  Dr. Brock Rondeau decided to create a mini-residency that enables you the dentist and your dental staff a successful path and way to add orthodontics to your practice, helping more dental patients, and molding a practice closely aligned to your dream practice.

The dental profession is aware of the fact that most dentists graduate with little to no knowledge of how to run an effective and successful dental practice.  The Mini-Residency enables you to successfully add and integrate orthodontics into your practice.  Staff training is included to ensure your staff and your practice processes grow with your new skills and create a seamless and pleasant experience for your patients and you.

The program focuses on all the aspects related to orthodontics.

So what are you waiting for?  Take decisive action to expand your practice, increase your income and ensure continued success, enroll today.  If you have questions regarding the Program, contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to helping your practice grow!

Seamlessly Add Orthodontics to Your Practice. APPLY TODAY!

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