Through the years, 23,000 dentists have utilized Dr. Rondeau’ various programs and courses to add services to their practice, helping more patients.  We take great pride in offering continuing education so dentists and their team can better serve their customers while growing a healthy dental practice.  The Orthodontic Mini-Residency continues to receive tremendous praise.  Please read reviews from past attendees and apply today!

“The combined course is an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth with two great speakers. Dr. Rondeau provides a well-organized, clear, and thorough review of orthodontic and orthopedic principles in a welcoming environment for case discussion. Scott Manning will challenge y Save ou to focus on your true purpose, passion, and beliefs while running your ideal dental practice.”


“The best and most comprehensive course I have been to with high-level orthodontic training and coaching on not only how to implement in your practice but how to showcase the life-changing care we are able to provide.”

Dr. Brittany Gooding, Dentist

“Dr. Rondeau’s philosophy has changed my perspective on my practice since I took his course. I’m getting more confident with my patient treatment and my approach. Adding the Practice Management training to his course is completely awesome!”

Dr. Amyee Jaramillo Rivas, Dentist

“Very inspirational and an eye-opening world-class experience. Excellent program.  Should be a part of all dental school programs!”

Dr. Wallace Truong, Dentist

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